Hello Everyone.

My name is C.S. Brookes.  I have started this site hoping to inspire todays youth to get outside and enjoy the great outdoors just like I did as a young man.

I will try my best to supply you with the knowledge to make your next trip a great one by using my 30+ years of field tests on equipment to help you along your way.

Growing up as a young boy in the Midwest I found a love and passion for the outdoor early on.  I started camping with my family at a very young age, caught my first fish before I was 3 years old and by my teenage years spent more summer nights in a tent or under the stars than I did in my bed.

I wasn’t much of a student graduating with a C average daydreaming most of my class time away of Adventures outdoor.  I excelled in the Boy Scout reaching the leadership rank of Senior Patrol Leader the highest leadership position and was ranked a Life Scout the 2nd highest rank next to Eagle Scout as well as being a Brotherhood member of The Order of the Arrow the National Honor Society of Boy Scouts.  I was a master of outdoor winter camping and backpacking earning the Polar Bear Award 5 years in a row before I was eighteen.

As a young man I expanded my outdoor adventures of camping, fishing, hiking, hunting, and canoeing to the south and east from the Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio backwoods of my youth to include Kentucky, Tennessee, and the Carolinas where I learned kayaking, whitewater rafting and ocean fishing.

In my mid twenties I moved out west traveling and camping along the way in beautiful places like The Badlands, Yellowstone, and Moab finally settling in the Southwest where I enjoy 4×4 off-roading, Desert camping and wilderness survival, and trip to the mountains of the Sierra Nevada.

I have also backpacked South-east Asia spending more time in guesthouses and hostels but the occasional overnight jungle stay in National Parks in Lao, Cambodia and Thailand with a predominance in the Isaan region of Thailand in the rural, poorer, jungle farming Northeast.

I hope that my travels and knowledge will make you get out and enjoy nature.  There are many great National Parks in every state beside state and county parks close by where every you live.

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